Why Men Are Obsessed with Big Tits In Porn?

One of the popular porn categories that men gravitate to is big tits. Whenever you look for free porn videos, you’ll often find most of the female models have big tits. So, why are men obsessed with big tits in porn? Let’s have a look at why this is the case.


In media, many models and celebrities have big tits. If they weren’t naturally born with big tits, they are having breast enlargements for more size. The same can be said of models that appear in sex magazines like Playboy, all the models feature big tits. In the past, the models had more natural looking breasts of all size and shapes. Today plastic surgery is very common and this means that many women now have perfectly shaped big tits instead of normal breasts which are often oddly shaped and never perfect. Larger tits tend to be more visually appealing for many men.

Regular Sexual Attraction

Men generally like big tits because they find them more sexually attractive. They have more to hold onto during sex, they like to watch them swing and so on. The same can be said if we look at women most ladies in general, they tend to like men with bigger cocks. Some men do prefer women with smaller breasts and some women also like smaller cocks but in general, we tend to be more sexually attracted to the larger size. Men generally like to watch the breasts of women move and large ones move more so they are visually as well as sexually attractive. This is another reason why in free porn videos you’ll find plenty of big tits because they are just fun to watch.

Fantasy Aspect

Many men watch porn for the simple fantasy aspect. They may have a wife with smaller than normal breasts or just fantasize about being with a woman that has larger tits. This is why they may gravitate to videos that feature women with huge tits as they are simply living out a fantasy they may have.


Men also see women with big tits as being healthier and more suited to bearing children. This isn’t the case but men have an impression that larger breasts mean more fertility. Studies have been done on this they show that men generally prefer women with large breasts as they see them as being more suitable as a mate for raising children.


Men tend to find breast quite comforting. Men were raised against the breast if they nursed that way and as men grow up they still like that comfort that the breast gives them although with their mate it becomes both comforting as well as sexual. Men find large breasts to be more comforting as they can lay next to them.


Big tits will always be popular because it’s just men being men. You’ll find a wide range of free porn videos that feature big tits but also other sizes too as it’s all just a matter of preference. The larger size just tends to be more popular.